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October 2016  

In this issue

Understand B12
Mating circle of success
Heat detection - 6 week challenge
Everything you need to know about having a pet lamb

August 2016  

In this issue

Optimising velvet growth
Lambing potential
Diabetes in dogs
Lame cow treatments

June 2016  

In this issue

Parasite control in horses
Whelping problems - when should you call a vet?
H.A.P.P.Y. horse package deal
Bearings in ewes
Foetal loss in maiden ewes

April 2016  

In this issue

Swollen sheaths in geldings
Body condition score
Teeth issues in ewes
Important information on BVD

February 2016 


In this issue

Ram palpating
Sheep mastitis
Foot and mouth disease 
Pregnancy scanning in cows
Summertime skin conditions

December 2015

In this issue

Orphan foals
Bull mating
PEM - Polioecephalomelacia
Is your drench working?
Need to know about puppies and kittens
Calf-heifer rearing

October 2015

In this issue

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV)
Pre weaning decisions - no size fits all
Pet insurance
Horse wounds
Bowed legs in stags
Reduce cost versus maximising income

August 2015

In this issue

Malignant catarrhal fever
Calving kit essentials
Dental hygiene for small animals 
Pre-lamb treatments of ewes
Spring mastitis
Health and management issues arising at calving
Red-water reminder
Pre lamb preparation

June 2015

 In this issue

Mud fever
Arthritis in small animals
Annual health check for pet goats
Dairy staff training
Ergot warning
Beef and Lamb 'Meat the future for profit programme'

April 2015

In this issue

Duck Dog WOF
Dairy pregnancy testing results - where do you score?
Horse parasite control
Who can go to the works?
Are you still using single active drenches?
Pre-anaesthetic blood testing for your pet
Wintering - Don't let it go pear-shaped

February 2015


In this issue

Body Condition Score - The underpinnings of farm production
Cow flow
Liver biopsies - Why all the fuss?
Drenching - Knockout, exit or quarantine?
BCS - Looking beyond the dairy sector at deer
Repercussions of a cat fight

December 2014


In this issue

Post operative physiotherapy
Donkeys - Long eared horses?
Feeding your horse
Weaning condition, pink eye and pneumonia, and drench resistance in ewes

October 2014


In this issue

Mating management 
Orphan ducklings
Monensin in beef cattle
Photosensitivity - why cows get sunburn
New protocols for deer drenching - some reminders

August 2014


In this issue

Uterine infections post calving
Pre-lamb drenching
What is your fertility index (FI)?
Vitamin E use for ewes
Iodine use for ewes
Preparing to breed your mare
BVD Reminder

April 2014


In this issue

Winter horse care
BCS reminder for graziers and dairy farms 
Heifer mastitis
6 week in-calf rates

June 2014


In this issue

Ewe weights and body condition scores
Dental care for horses
Constipation in dogs
Leptospirosis and deer
Elastic vs resilient beef cows
Interesting facts about ducks

February 2014


In this issue

Horse owners be aware of the dosatron
Brucellosis in rams
Barley grass
Weaning deer
Milk urea

December 2013


In this issue

Holiday hazards 
Managing fractures and joint injuries in dogs
Turkey trivia
Ewe management post weaning
Lame bulls
Ergot Poisoning: A Case Study
Stocksense - Can you do without it?
Heart stroke in dogs

September 2013


In this issue

Arthritis in cats and dogs
Interesting facts about Donkeys
Foaling - When to call the Vet
BVD - the latest update
Pneumonia in lambs and hoggets
Heifer Mating
Sciatic Palsy: An emerging disease
Uterine Infections
Dis-budding dairy calves
6 week in-calf challenge

February 2013


In this issue

Feeding Fibre during winter
Worm control in beef cattle
Tansition bull management with bopriva
Pink eye in cattle
BVD can happen on a beef farm
Skinny Cattle

March 2013


In this issue 

Drying cows off - who? why? when?
Magnesium in horses
Fawn's first drench
Drench Resisitance - the use of startect
Inductions in dairy cows - what's happening?
Knockout drenching

June 2013


In this issue

6 week in-calf challenge
HAPPY horse weigh day 
Animal welfare - transport of animals
Magnesium supplementation of dairy cows
Trace elements


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